Monday, August 30, 2010

deSigN #136 'Summer Memories' Set SOLD

It's not that unusual wHeN eveRytHiNg is beautiful
It's just another oRdiNaRy miracle today. The sky knows when it's time to snow
Don't need to teach a seed to grow, it's just aNotHer oRdiNaRy miracle today
Life is like a gift they say wrapped up for you everyday
Open up and find a way To give some of your own. Isn't it reMaRkable, like every tiMe a raindrop falls, it's just another oRdiNaRy miracle today
Birds in wiNteR have their fliNg, will always make it hoMe by spRiNg
It's just another oRdiNaRy miracle today
When you wake up everyday please don't throw your dReAms away
Hold them close to your heart 'Cause we're all a part of the oRdiNaRy miracle

Do you waNt to see a miracle?

It seems so exceptional the things just work out after all
It's just another oRdiNaRy miracle today
Sun coMes up and sHiNes so bright and disappears again at night
It's just another oRdiNaRy miracle today...

Songwriters: Ballard, Glen; Stewart, David A.

"I had so much to say within my heart but couldN't get all the eMotioNs out, stRuggliNg to write my thoughts down, I turned my blog music on aNd the soNg 'Ordinary Miracle' came on. I knew that my feeliNgs were wrapped up in this soNg of what my heart feels as summer begins to unwind. The walks I take, the beauty of MotHeR NatuRe or how the waRmth of the sun coMfoRts me like a blaNket. This is what I see, this is how I view life. This is what feeds my soul aNd what I desire to live in everyday. I tHaNk MotHeR NatuRe aNd the faiRies for the beauty they have brought to my eyes this summer aNd for all the summers in my lifetime."

Dedicated to my Children, my faiRies
aNd 'entertaining angels unaware'
8x8 scrapbook aRt Work by Poetic GaRdeN
matching faiRy Tear Bear by Stacey fRoM gReAtdaNegeR
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

deSigN #135 Alice iN WoNdeRlaNd SOLD

If I had a woRld of my own it would be filled with colors aNd layers aNd a space in tiMe unknown. It wouldn't make seNse to those who doN't believe but would be coMfoRt for those who waNt to grow aNd a desiRe to see. A place filled with nonsense to most who disagree, there really is a place that makes seNse aNd that place is peRfect for me. It lies witHiN my soul aNd is not often seen aNd I visit there often wHeN I fall asleep aNd dReAm.
I go to places far away aNd visit with cReAtuRes of the night aNd talk aMoNgst those who see the saMe aNd sit by the cReSceNt moonlight. Nestled uNdeR oaks that coMfoRt me fRoM the cold, I seek wisdom fRoM those that coMe fRoM afar aNd woRlds of old. SippiNg on Blueberry tEa, iMagiNiNg places to be aNd soar on backs of dRagoNflies or fly on Butterfly wiNgs
Where flowers bloom aNd spread their petals no matter the season might be aNd chat with Caterpillars aNd White Haired Rabbits that most would not believe. A tReAsuRed Cat perches himself upon a bRaNch above aNd reads of philosophical stories aNd poetry my heart lives for aNd truly loves.
No rules of tiMe exist aNd the dReAms begiN to show, eNdless ideas of woNdeR aNd mAgiC appear aNd the aRt begiNs to flow. A canvas of Dew dRops aNd Roses of the night, touched by wooded elves aNd trails of faiRy dust as they begin to take flight
a WoNdeRlaNd of eNdless paths for those who seek to exploRe the power that a dReAm can have leaviNg your soul waNtiNg moRe.

8x8 scrapbook aRt Piece
Dedicated to my Children, my faiRies,
'entertaining angels unaware'
aNd MotHeR Nature "tHaNk You" to Desiree's Black Roses
'2010 copyrights of

eBay Item Number: 300459568049

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Favorites

I met a new fRieNd in the gaRdeN receNtly aNd was iNspiRed to cReAte my latest aRt Piece with a few of her gorgeous jewels.
A taleNted aRtist herself Jean Scott fRoM cReAtes haNdmade aRt piece of viNtage jewelry and collects destash craft supplies aNd loose jeweled pieces that aRe perfect to add to aNy aRt WoRk. I was iNspiRed to cReAte my latest deSigN by her beautiful selection of loose craft stoNes.
UsiNg adoRable miNituRe Amber Jeweled Acorns as a finished eMbellishMeNt piece on my Sheer Vanilla Cream Bows aNd Vintage Glass Plum Purple faceted Jewel StoNes for Dew Drop Accents in the Fall faiRy gaRdeN nestled on Butter Cream Sun Flowers
A taleNted woman she is, I invite you to view her latest collection available to puRcHase aNd be iNspiRed to add to your own cReAtioNs.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

deSigN #134 faiRy Seasons SOLD

A golden hue fell upon my cheeks as I gazed into the sky dReAmiNg of the days aNd nights tuRniNg of the seasons that often flew by. FalliNg in love with each cHaNge that MotHeR EaRth bRiNgs a tiMe to poNdeR aNd a moMeNt to see
with every tuRniNg shade of color comes a moMeNt in tiMe
to reflect to discover aNd to fly aNd feel free if you truly wish to be
a part of a miracle not often seen with every cHaNge of the season bRiNgs
iNspiRatioN aNd gRowtH within our souls if we siMply just believe

that it starts with a seed plaNted within our hearts left for us to cReAte
a canvas for the soul with endless colors for us to make
a woRld like no other a place to be free as the seed grows into bRaNcHes aNd our spirit begiNs to see an endless pallet of what is meant to be
of beautiful trees that staNd with stReNgth of love aNd compassion as they sway in the wiNd with such grace

aNd for a peaceful moMeNt that is not often seen aRe tiNy little faiRies paiNtiNg the new season that MotHeR NatuRe bRiNgs
a precious reMiNder to all of us to never stop cReAtiNg aNd coNtiNue to be courageous in feediNg our souls with the power of our dReAMs

8x8 scrapbook aRt Piece
Dedicated to my Children, my faiRies,
'entertaining angels unaware'
aNd MotHeR Nature
'2010 copyrights of

eBay Item Number 300457897730

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

deSigN #133 'Snug as a Bug' Baby faiRy SOLD

beNeAth the bRaNches you will fiNd a woRld not often seen
caNdied blossoms aNd sugared petals dRagoNflies aNd bees
ladybugs aNd butterflies daNce beNeAth the leaves
tiNy as a dewdrop but as big as the soul can see
a baby faiRy nestled diScoveRiNg her newborn wiNgs
as she tries to flutter aNd floats about catchiNg on every breeze
she knows that if she keeps on tRyiNg she will begin to see
that she can fly just like all the others if oNly she just believes

I weNt on a walk today to get soMe fResh aiR aNd took my camera with me to captuRe MotHeR NatuRe. As I got up close with my caMeRa to study the liNes aNd details of the flowers, I couldN't see this paRticulaR lil' aNt goiNg about it's day until I pulled my caMeRa away aNd saw with my own eyes. So as I wrote this faiRy poem I thought to myself if I had barely noticed the tiNy aNt, what other woRlds aRe out there that our soul may not see? If but oNly we slow down in life aNd siMply just believe tHeN we can start seeiNg what our souls aRe meant to see.

8x8 scrapbook aRt Piece
Dedicated to my Children, my faiRies,
'entertaining angels unaware'
aNd MotHeR Nature
'2010 copyrights of

ebay item number: 300456926101

Saturday, August 14, 2010

ReMembeRiNg Jenny

This was a JouRnal eNtry fRom October 29th , '2009 aNd a lot has cHaNged seNse tHeN...

As I struggle with my own health today, I am constantly coming back to this Cancer Scrapbook I made.
Let me tell you the recent story about this book.
I developed a close pen pal bond with one of my past scrapbook customers. Faithful she was in purchasing just about every scrapbook I made. Sending kind notes in the mail to me or sending me a care package filled with all the little secret things I cherished the most in life and I never told her what they were. She just simply knew how much I didn't want to feel alone anymore in my heart and I was scared, confused and utterly heartbroken over my health.
She had a special way of understanding me and some how providing me with comfort in my heart.
As quick as I was comforted by her wisdom, my dad passed away suddenly of cancer. She was the first one I reached out to, I just knew she would be on the other end to talk about my dads passing.
Then as life would have it, she was taken from this planet. I cried for days missing her, missing her gentle and soft spoken words. A deep ache came over my heart causing me to cry over someone so hard that I never met before. I wished she could have been my mother that I didn't have, I wish I could have met her. The bond we developed countries apart made the distance seem so small.
My Jenny, she left a wonderful family and she left so many others who cared for her deeply. I find myself asking her to comfort me when I feel so alone with my health problems. Whispering to her that I miss her and wishing she was on the other end.
Not knowing what else to do at the time I pored myself back into my scrapbooks, I had recently been to the craft store to pick up some supplies. As I passed by some cancer stickers, a little voice inside said, "make a cancer survivor scrapbook" in the 13 years of designing and making scrapbooks, I never had done this particular theme before. I quickly passed over it and went back to shopping. Returning weeks later, the same cancer stickers stood out to me and the voice inside me said,"make a cancer survivor scrapbook" I followed my intuition which often I don't do in this case and made my very first cancer survivor scrapbook.
Jenny's daughter loved this scrapbook and purchased to hold her mothers keepsakes in.
I shipped the package out to her not knowing that the scrapbook would get lost in the mail. Several weeks went by that the book had gone missing. Then out of no where the scrapbook was found. It had ended up at the neighbors house, it had found itself in the hands of an elderly man who had just lost his wife to cancer and thought that the scrapbook had been sent to him in honor of his wife.
Right then I knew I wasn't alone and that I was not going to face my health problems alone that I was being watched over.
I know Jenny had a roll in this and I know it was her that told me to make this scrapbook.
Now I struggle with my own health and it's getting harder to make scrapbooks with these aching hands and poor vision. What use to take 2-3 days is now taking 5-7 days but somehow I am reminded by Jenny that it's important for me to continue making my scrapbooks and to never give up. That these scrapbooks are meant to help others that may be in need of support and to know they are not alone.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Basics of a Paper Bag

Paper Bag Scrapbooks have been used in the cRaft woRld for several years however the uniqueness of usiNg paper bags aRe a gReAt way to make a scrapbook of aNy tHeMe into a perfect coNveRsatioN piece. The styles aNd layouts aRe eNdless. In this case I cReAted a memory book that would grow in the future years of a 11yr old boy.
UsiNg a neutral color pallet is not oNly easier on the eyes but aRe colors that will last as tReNds come aNd go. PackiNg the scrapbook with eMbellishMeNts is always fun but keep in miNd that photos aNd keepsakes will ultimately complete the the stoRy of the book aNd in this case cReAtes the focal poiNt of a youNg boy fRom youth to adulthood.

On the iNside layout shown, I chose viNtage pictures that brought the past to life with an image of a gRaNdfatHeR aNd an Historical Antique car aNd viNtage printed ticket tRaiN paper. I cReAted Jute Loops for pull tabs on Photo PlaceMeNts aNd used MakiNg Memory Assorted Brads with a laRge Epoxy Clip in a page pocket with torn edges,
etched with a chocolate stain.

On the cover I used aN exclusive 'ooak' Bauble of an image of a youNg boy. CoNveRtiNg a faiRy Pixie jar by placiNg a viNtage staMp iNside a tiNy Moss Green Bottle with Cork. Post Card, Vintage typewriter aNd a brass phone cHaRm completes the look of the cover. Keep in miNd you doN't have to use a lot of expeNsive tools to coMplete a tiMeless look. UsiNg basic techniques aNd siMple color pallets will always carry thRougH aNd staNd the test of tiMe.

6x6 Paper Bag Scrapbook
'2010 copyrights of~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

deSigN #132 Lil' tReAsuRes SOLD

The gaRdeN that I hold within my soul is filled with tReAsuRes aNd stoRies untold. There you will fiNd memories that give me the stReNgth the love I hold dear to my heart
My childReN aRe my biggest gifts the boNd we hold that we will never paRt
They give me courage to believe in what life has to give to coNitiNue to leaRn aNd the wiNgs to live. They bRiNg me coMfoRt aNd give me stReNgth with every bReAtH I take is for their sake. My cHildReN aRe my life's little tReAsuRes rare gifts iNdeed. They help me to stay stRoNg aNd reMiNd me the iMpoRtaNce to dReAm.

Dedicated to my Children, my faiRies,
'entertaining angels unaware'
aNd MotHeR Nature
'2010 copyrights of

ebay Item number: 300455071522