Thursday, August 19, 2010

deSigN #134 faiRy Seasons SOLD

A golden hue fell upon my cheeks as I gazed into the sky dReAmiNg of the days aNd nights tuRniNg of the seasons that often flew by. FalliNg in love with each cHaNge that MotHeR EaRth bRiNgs a tiMe to poNdeR aNd a moMeNt to see
with every tuRniNg shade of color comes a moMeNt in tiMe
to reflect to discover aNd to fly aNd feel free if you truly wish to be
a part of a miracle not often seen with every cHaNge of the season bRiNgs
iNspiRatioN aNd gRowtH within our souls if we siMply just believe

that it starts with a seed plaNted within our hearts left for us to cReAte
a canvas for the soul with endless colors for us to make
a woRld like no other a place to be free as the seed grows into bRaNcHes aNd our spirit begiNs to see an endless pallet of what is meant to be
of beautiful trees that staNd with stReNgth of love aNd compassion as they sway in the wiNd with such grace

aNd for a peaceful moMeNt that is not often seen aRe tiNy little faiRies paiNtiNg the new season that MotHeR NatuRe bRiNgs
a precious reMiNder to all of us to never stop cReAtiNg aNd coNtiNue to be courageous in feediNg our souls with the power of our dReAMs

8x8 scrapbook aRt Piece
Dedicated to my Children, my faiRies,
'entertaining angels unaware'
aNd MotHeR Nature
'2010 copyrights of

eBay Item Number 300457897730


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