Friday, August 20, 2010

New Favorites

I met a new fRieNd in the gaRdeN receNtly aNd was iNspiRed to cReAte my latest aRt Piece with a few of her gorgeous jewels.
A taleNted aRtist herself Jean Scott fRoM cReAtes haNdmade aRt piece of viNtage jewelry and collects destash craft supplies aNd loose jeweled pieces that aRe perfect to add to aNy aRt WoRk. I was iNspiRed to cReAte my latest deSigN by her beautiful selection of loose craft stoNes.
UsiNg adoRable miNituRe Amber Jeweled Acorns as a finished eMbellishMeNt piece on my Sheer Vanilla Cream Bows aNd Vintage Glass Plum Purple faceted Jewel StoNes for Dew Drop Accents in the Fall faiRy gaRdeN nestled on Butter Cream Sun Flowers
A taleNted woman she is, I invite you to view her latest collection available to puRcHase aNd be iNspiRed to add to your own cReAtioNs.

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