Saturday, April 24, 2010

design #113 Mother of Time SOLD

Mother of Time

a mother of grace, she gently smiles
the years of summers past
the memories she holds in her heart
of her children, keepsakes that forever last

8x8 page ebay listing #250621894117
Tear Bear ebay listing #250621971007

'2010 copyrights of and greatdaneger

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Collection of Baubles

New collections and simpler ways to purchase
'Baubles From GraNniEs Attic'

a successful first week of launching our 'ooak' baubles
thank you to all of our new supporters!

the design ideas are endless in any craft project you dream up
look for our baubles and what our faiRies have been working hard on
by searching key word 'Baubles' on ebay

by designers Katie from & Stacey from Greatdaneger

Monday, April 19, 2010

design #112b LunchBox Scrapbook SOLD

her lunch box scrapbook in hand, this adorable Tear Bear
is off to the "WhiMsiCal WoodLaNd' forest
to join her friends in a tea party
treasures she will find, places she will go
trinkets and keepsakes she will discover
and the memories she will hold

'Baubles' From Grannies Attic can be found on ebay
Bumble Bee and a Tea Cup with Saucer
Prima Flowers and Vintage Stamps
completes the look of this 'Ooak' Lunchbox Scrapbook
the storage ideas are endless

ebay item #300419576231
copyrights of and Greatdaneger

Friday, April 16, 2010

design #112 Whimsical Woodland" SOLD

design#112 WhiMsical Woodlands

using the 'Whimsical Anthropology Baubles' From GraNnies Attic
this scrapbook page tells the story of a lil faiRy Tear Bear on a
journey through the woodland forest
discovering new treasures along the way

hours of planning and placing
each charm and embellishment on the page
bringing to life the magic of dreaming and the wonderful
things that a journey can bring

ebay listing# 300418800362

Thursday, April 15, 2010

treasured pebbles

a MemORy in time she stopped to WoNder
what she disCoveRed once before

tReaSuRes left untouched for years that her grandmother once aDoRed
hidden in her little house beneath the aNtiQue lAce
was a tiny jeWeled like wonder faiRy TreaSures undiscovered
BaUbles From grAnNies Attic of all that she had Saved

color pallet 'Summer Cafe' ~ ebay listing #

'2010 copyrights of and greatdaneger

Monday, April 12, 2010

Baubles from GRaNniEs ATtIc

Baubles from Grannies Attic
Exclusively Created by top Scrapbook Designers
Stacey from Greatdanger & Katie’s Krafts at Poetic Garden

we have taken the time to hand pick each one
to complete that perfect bauble embellishment set
custom made selections that you simply can’t resist
in adding to any scrapbook project

These Baubles come in matching sets of 5-6 glass pieces

"Forever Lasting just like Granny use to make"

NEW eBay LISTINGS SEARCH by key word: 'Baubles'
(by Grannies Attic)

copyrights of and Greatdaneger ‘2010

Girly Girl Layout SOLD

my daughter Mackenzie playing in the summer rain
trying to catch a ride on a rainbow

design# 102 'Girly Girl'
ebay listing #300417182011

a work in progress, this layout showed subtle details
of a little girl dreaming. remembering the warm spring days
of playing in grandmas garden

catching rides on dragonflies to chase the fancy butterflies
each dream became a memory as the subtle details began to show,
a little girl that never stopped dreaming and a memory that she'll always know.

that when she went to grandmas house she road on fancy butterflies
and danced beneath dragonfly wings and flew with magical faiRy wings

Whimsical Garden SOLD

This page was like putting a puzzle together.
It took about 4-5 days to complete
Each flower and embellishment had to be placed just right to complete
the Whimsical Garden scene I had in visioned in my head
I wanted to create the garden I remember playing in
at my grandmothers house or perhaps the garden that faiRies
would want to play in even if it is just for a day

I used some of my favorite staple scrapbook products

Making Memories Brads
K & Company Baubles and Stickers
Prima Flowers
Jessy James Buttons
and of course Stacey's adorable Tear Bear from Greatdanger

ebay listing #300416186856

Saturday, April 10, 2010

my lil' boy

this picture of my son and I was taken in '2004
Cade was about 6 or 7yrs old then

"he is my little man. He dreams of summer fun at the old fish pond,
laughter and day dreaming with his friends
how I long to do those things with him but I know he is growing-up now...
I wish the summers where longer for him. I remember sunny days that seemed to last forever, feeling the grass beneath my feet from morning tell night
I wish my man, my son... many more Hummingbird Days

inspired by: John Mayer's song 'Hummingbird'
design copyrights

Thursday, April 8, 2010

design #110 grateful SOLD

cobblestone paths and dragonfly dreams
times of laughter and joy
flowers with dewdrops and butterfly wings
these are a few of my favorite things…

design #110 Grateful- ebay listing:

"I adored making this page today! from the colors and the meaning,
at times I cannot find the words to express what my heart feels
creating this page helped me explore and discover a bit more about myself"
design copyrights 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

SpRiNg #109 SOLD

new 8x8 Page Layouts

using some of my favorite embellishments
to bring in fresh new colors of spring

K & Company
Making Memories

Design #108 Birthday
ebay item: 300415551850

Design #109 "Remember the Laughter" that Spring can bring
ebay item: 300415562336

design copyright of 2010