Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Basics of a Paper Bag

Paper Bag Scrapbooks have been used in the cRaft woRld for several years however the uniqueness of usiNg paper bags aRe a gReAt way to make a scrapbook of aNy tHeMe into a perfect coNveRsatioN piece. The styles aNd layouts aRe eNdless. In this case I cReAted a memory book that would grow in the future years of a 11yr old boy.
UsiNg a neutral color pallet is not oNly easier on the eyes but aRe colors that will last as tReNds come aNd go. PackiNg the scrapbook with eMbellishMeNts is always fun but keep in miNd that photos aNd keepsakes will ultimately complete the the stoRy of the book aNd in this case cReAtes the focal poiNt of a youNg boy fRom youth to adulthood.

On the iNside layout shown, I chose viNtage pictures that brought the past to life with an image of a gRaNdfatHeR aNd an Historical Antique car aNd viNtage printed ticket tRaiN paper. I cReAted Jute Loops for pull tabs on Photo PlaceMeNts aNd used MakiNg Memory Assorted Brads with a laRge Epoxy Clip in a page pocket with torn edges,
etched with a chocolate stain.

On the cover I used aN exclusive 'ooak' Bauble of an image of a youNg boy. CoNveRtiNg a faiRy Pixie jar by placiNg a viNtage staMp iNside a tiNy Moss Green Bottle with Cork. Post Card, Vintage typewriter aNd a brass phone cHaRm completes the look of the cover. Keep in miNd you doN't have to use a lot of expeNsive tools to coMplete a tiMeless look. UsiNg basic techniques aNd siMple color pallets will always carry thRougH aNd staNd the test of tiMe.

6x6 Paper Bag Scrapbook
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At August 31, 2010 at 10:23 AM , Blogger Deb Mitchell said...

OMG- this is just so beautiful & rustic! Such a pleasure to view!!!



At September 5, 2010 at 3:27 PM , Blogger Katie said...

tHaNk you, Deb love how you described this scrapbook...'rustic' love it
Blessed Be fRoM ~kAtiE


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