Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New LiNe 'faiRytaLe GaRdeNs' SOLD

In a wiNdow of tiMe there caMe to be a stoRy of a little giRl who loNged to be in a woRld so often mistaken aNd haRd to see
oNly those who woNdeRed or wished upon a star could tRuly see what she felt in her heart.
A place like no other far far away wHeRe the Willows siNg aNd the Magical Flowers chat all day.
eNcHaNted cReAtuRes like faiRies aNd hobbits slowly begin to eMeRge.
The woRld she iMagiNes aNd begiNs to see aRe her very own 'faiRytaLe GaRdeNs' she holds in her dReAms

iNtRoduciNg Poetic GaRdeNs NEW ooak LiNe 'faiRytaLe GaRdeNs'

deSigN #100 Rose Petal
a 'faiRytaLe' Keepsake Box to hold your most precious meMoRies, photos aNd tRiNkets that you may discover witHiN your dReAms
(SOLD no loNgeR available)

deSigN #101 Lavender DreAms
an 8x8 'faiRytaLe GaRdeN' aRt Piece
Nestled is a special place for a picture or poem. A meaNiNgful detail that the aRtist cReAtes to syMbolize her favorite stoRy 'tHrougH the LookiNg Glass' fRoM Alice in WoNdeRlaNd
(SOLD no loNgeR available)

"May your dReAms always fiNd you wishing upon a star aNd living as if you aRe flyiNg within your precious heart"
~Blessed Be by aRtist Katie fRoM

copyrights '2011


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