Tuesday, August 24, 2010

deSigN #135 Alice iN WoNdeRlaNd SOLD

If I had a woRld of my own it would be filled with colors aNd layers aNd a space in tiMe unknown. It wouldn't make seNse to those who doN't believe but would be coMfoRt for those who waNt to grow aNd a desiRe to see. A place filled with nonsense to most who disagree, there really is a place that makes seNse aNd that place is peRfect for me. It lies witHiN my soul aNd is not often seen aNd I visit there often wHeN I fall asleep aNd dReAm.
I go to places far away aNd visit with cReAtuRes of the night aNd talk aMoNgst those who see the saMe aNd sit by the cReSceNt moonlight. Nestled uNdeR oaks that coMfoRt me fRoM the cold, I seek wisdom fRoM those that coMe fRoM afar aNd woRlds of old. SippiNg on Blueberry tEa, iMagiNiNg places to be aNd soar on backs of dRagoNflies or fly on Butterfly wiNgs
Where flowers bloom aNd spread their petals no matter the season might be aNd chat with Caterpillars aNd White Haired Rabbits that most would not believe. A tReAsuRed Cat perches himself upon a bRaNch above aNd reads of philosophical stories aNd poetry my heart lives for aNd truly loves.
No rules of tiMe exist aNd the dReAms begiN to show, eNdless ideas of woNdeR aNd mAgiC appear aNd the aRt begiNs to flow. A canvas of Dew dRops aNd Roses of the night, touched by wooded elves aNd trails of faiRy dust as they begin to take flight
a WoNdeRlaNd of eNdless paths for those who seek to exploRe the power that a dReAm can have leaviNg your soul waNtiNg moRe.

8x8 scrapbook aRt Piece
Dedicated to my Children, my faiRies,
'entertaining angels unaware'
aNd MotHeR Nature "tHaNk You" to Desiree's Black Roses
'2010 copyrights of poeticgarden.com

eBay Item Number: 300459568049


At September 19, 2010 at 4:37 PM , Blogger P1x3L.F3T1SH said...

You are such a precious soul, Katie dear. I am SO thankful for the internet... without it I would have went through this life without knowing people like you. I consider it a blessing and am thankful to be able to call you friend. God bless you hun!

At September 20, 2010 at 12:18 AM , Blogger Katie said...

auhh Desiree, tHaNk You very much
I loved usiNg your haNdMade Black Roses on this Alice in WoNdeRlaNd piece. They suRe made an iMpact to the over all deSigN aNd aM so appreciative that you shaRed your taleNt with me.
I look forward in showcasing your flowers again in the near future.
I'm tHiNkiNg I need soMe of those black roses again ~lol


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