Sunday, September 12, 2010

deSigN #139 'faiRy tEa GaRdeN' SOLD

In a gaRdeN filled with beauty coMes a tEa House filled with memories
sHaRiNg tiMes with fRieNds aNd talkiNg of tiMes of old
RemiNisciNg of the past aNd receiving soulful gifts to cherish aNd to hold
sHaRiNg tEa with faiRies aNd chattiNg with the flowers.
In my gaRdeN of BlessiNgs, I sit aNd dReAm for hours.
A place of peace aNd woNdeR filled with magic that oNly the heart can see.
A gaRdeN filled with iNspiRatioN, a special place to be.
A gaRdeN built for faiRy fRieNds aNd a special place to dReAm

8x8 scrapbook aRt Piece
Dedicated to my Children, my faiRies,
'entertaining angels unaware'
aNd MotHeR Nature
'2010 copyrights of

eBay Item Number: 300467463894


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