Wednesday, September 1, 2010

deSigN #137 'EncHaNted faiRy' SOLD

Gifts aRe truly eNdless with what MotHeR NatuRe gives to us. Beauty appears before our eyes aNd we begin to surrender to the peace that feels our soul
Truly huMbled by what is given aNd the ability to embrace, capture aNd to hold
Not to forsaken what we have, silencing the miNd aNd allowing the heart to feel slowly beginning to see what is real... Peace, Grace, Elegance aNd Spiritual Enlightenment
MotHeR NatuRe will hold you in her aRms aNd wrap her wiNgs aRouNd you wHeN you feel aloNe, her presence aNd the geNtle wHispeRs, she will show you how much she loves you
Look deep into NatuRe aNd tHeN you will uNdeRstaNd eveRytHiNg better
You will begin to see tHiNgs in a way you have never seen before
Petals will show their liNes of tiMe aNd bRaNches will extend their protection
A woRld of eNcHaNtmeNt will appear, beauty that is so often forgotten
Dragonflies will teach you how to soar as Butterflies will kiss you with their wiNgs
faiRies will emerge aNd the flowers will begin to siNg
Jewels of Dew Drops will glisten even by the glow of the pale moonlight aNd the sun will rise at dawn providiNg paths of light
MotHeR NatuRe will show us how to see, to uNdeRstaNd if we just believe...

8x8 scrapbook aRt Piece
Dedicated to my Children, my faiRies,
'entertaining angels unaware'
aNd MotHeR Nature
"tHaNk You" to Jean Scott
for the woNdeRful aNd eNcHaNtiNg jewels
'2010 copyrights of

eBay Item Number: 300462836177


At September 1, 2010 at 6:04 PM , Blogger surfmomma4 said...

What a lovely entry on your latest creation, and I too find it so amazing to truly "look" at nature. I always think "how well thought out" everything is the way it all fits togeather..I enjoy reading your thoughts and looking at your amazing artwork..hugs Susie

At September 1, 2010 at 9:01 PM , Blogger Scraples said...

I'm so happy to come across your site. This is absolutely beautiful and speaks to my soul. I knew it wanted to come to my home. :) Your work is amazing.

At September 2, 2010 at 12:48 AM , Blogger Katie said...

tHaNk you, Susie for your sweet woRds. How kiNd of you to leave me a message here on my cRaft Blog aNd to take the tiMe to view my aRt WoRk aNd pause to read my jourNal thoughts.
I appreciate you noticing that my cReAtioNs aRe truly thought out as they aRe literally what I expeRieNce on my jourNey in life or what I see or feel within my soul. Blessed Be
aNd never forget to FLY ~kAtiE

At September 2, 2010 at 12:53 AM , Blogger Katie said...

"Scraples" tHaNk You for sHaRiNg your thoughts with me aNd am so happy to know that this piece of aRt captured you soul the way it did. It makes me smile to know that this cReAtioN has fouNd it's hoMe aNd has filled your soul. May life bRiNg you peace aNd the faiRies always iNspiRe you to dReAm, Blessed Be fRoM the 'hobbit house' of Poetic GaRdeN ~kAtiE


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