Friday, July 23, 2010

NEW 'ooak' faiRy StoNes

a gift of inspiration a tiNy bit of hope a place of wONdeR
a sPaRk of mAgiC for the Soul
tReAsuRes left unseen, tRiNkets nestled aMoNgst the forest floor
the faiRies took me to a place I remember a place I have been before
viSioNs and iMageS kept within my dReAms a place within my heArt I have seen
never to forget or part from what I know
an oRdiNaRy Miracle a seed of wiSdoM I will always have
for what my gRaNdMotHeR taught me and what I will forever hold
faiRy StoNes left behind a gift to me was left to fiNd
as a reMinDeR of what my heArt can see a glimps of the wiNgs she has given to me

Introducing a NEW line of faiRy StoNes now available on eBay uNdeR 'poeticgarden' (ebay listiNg #300449150566 to help you locate easier aNd you can view otHeRs too)
'2010 Copyrights and Vision of
Dedicated to my gRaNdMotHeR, my Children and my faiRies


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