Saturday, July 10, 2010

design #129 'faiRy aWaKeNiNg' SOLD

a new day begiNs aNd life reappears as it takes on a new serene beauty
a flower petal yAwNs as it opeNs it's self to the rays of the deep foReSt sun
spRiNg begiNs to fade into the sHadoWs and a richness of color emerges
as the birth of summer bRiNgs wArMth upon the soul
a lil' precious faiRy 'beiNg' is boRn into the graces of Mother EaRth
life as we know it is surrendered into the beauty that lies witHiN our spiRit
a precious gift unfolds so quietly a new miRacle bRiNgs to life a new aWakeNiNg tHat we so often foRget to believe in.

eBay item number: 300445503988

Dedicate to my Children, gaRdeN faiRies
and 'eNteRtaiNiNg aNgels uNaWaRe'
'2010 copyrights of (baby image of precious Cassidy)


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