Tuesday, July 13, 2010

design #129~B 'faiRy aWaKeNiNg' Tear Bear SOLD

Poetic GaRdeNs "DT" aRtiSt Stacey cReAted an adoRable lil' faiRy Tear Bear featuring the wHiMsical meMoRies of summer. As this mAgiCal faiRy aWakeNs the gaRdeN with the touch of her jeweled miNiatuRe waNd aNd plays with her Butterfly fRieNd in the flower meadows of Pixie Hollow.
The beauty of MotHeR NatuRe comes to life with the detailed aNd vibRaNt colors of turquoise, raspberry piNk aNd dReAmy Butter Cream aNd cHocolate tiNy eMbelliShMeNts.

eBay Listing Number (coming soon)
'2010 copyrights of gReAtdaNegeR aNd Poeticgarden.com


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