Thursday, July 1, 2010

lil' faiRy BlessiNgs SOLD

a tiNy bit of inspiration was born a geNtle lil 'being'
as she came into this woRld one day a mAgiCal sight unseen
a baby like all others most would tend to agree
but what was not noticed was her precious lil' wiNgs
born from an enchanted gArDeN a place unlike any other
where dReAms and hopes come alive filling the soul with woNdeR
a special gift was given as she was kissed upon her soul
for the faiRies had come to bless her and give her wiNgs to fly
a beauty that is not often believed in a story not often told
an inspiration to all that when a lil 'being' is born you mustn't
forget what lies within in a baby faiRies soul

Item number: 300441762893

Dedicated to faiRies, lil Baby Cassidy
my children and 'entertaining angels unaware'
'2010 copyrights of


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