Tuesday, June 29, 2010

design #127 Neverberry Thicket faiRy dReAmS SOLD

oh the places you can go and the many places to see
if you but open your heArt and let the vision be
spread your wiNgs and dReAm a lil' dReAm in a woRld far away
Neverberry Thicket in Pixie Hollow is a place to sit and stay
Willow Baskets overflow with floWeRs as dRaGonflies dance with you for hours
a taRt sMell of Scrumptious Berries grow beneath the oaks
faiRy friends sit on toad stools and read stories of old
a wHimSicAl enchanted forest nestled within a mAgiCal place
if only you open your heArt to see
you must trust within yourself in order to fly with wiNgs
and dReAm and see what could possibly be
come fly aWay and dReAm a lil' dReAm

eBay Item #300442367407
DT aRtist Greatdaneger
Proprietor Visionary aRtist Katie of Poeticgarden.com '2010


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