Friday, June 18, 2010

design #123 GraNdmas faiRy GaRdeN SOLD

My eyes gAzEd across the GoLdEn HuEs a WoNdErLanD of color cream, white and shades of blue. Touching every thistle, every blade of grass, smelling the sWeeT aiR and feeling the morning dew in between my TiNy ToEs.
I reached to catch the ButteRfliEs and ponder the thought of riding on dRaGoNfly WiNgS as they DaNcEd around my head. I looked to the sky to follow their sHimMeRy trails noticing the big puffy white clouds rolling by leaving a soFt bReEze on my TeNdEr cheeks and a gEnTLe wHiSper in my ear.
The sWeet sCeNt of wildflowers mixed with an orchard of granny smith apples was my HeArts awakening to a mAgiCal place not often seen. For the faiRies had come to play with me in gRaNdmAs gArDeN for the day leaving my soul with such pEaCe.

dedicated to my faiRies and 'entertaining angels unaware'

Complete details and ebay item number: 300438903772
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