Wednesday, June 16, 2010

design #122 Family SOLD

this Lunch Box Scrapbook is a wHimSiCaL and adorable way to display cHeRiShEd MeMoRiEs of our FaMiLy. A Special Order for a sPeCiAl fRiEnD indeed.
I had been through a lot of transitions in such a short period in my life recently and one of my dEaR fRiEnDs gave me an opportunity to recenter myself with my own children and allow myself the courage to feel again. I use to create quite a few FaMiLy scrapbooks but as my life changed so did my feelings in my heart and found myself turning away from this particular theme. Not wanting to cReAte what my hEaRt was aching for, my Children. My BeAuTiFuL Daughter and my HaNdSoMe Son. To my sPeCiAl fRiEnD, "THANK YOU" for helping me FEEL and GROW.


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