Tuesday, May 18, 2010

design #118 Journey in Time SOLD

a time once remembered, traditions still untold
within the heart lies memories of old
a little girl in wonder of her hopes and dreams
discovering what her grandmother taught her
to always fly and dream
and in her traveling journal she writes of memories past
and takes what she was given and creates to make it last
Inspirations left on pages, details etched in time
experiences that she will never forget
and the new friendships she will find
wherever life may call her and the paths that she may take
a journey that is written and memories she will make
Live and sore as hummingbirds would do
a lesson she will know, in time she
will develop skills that will teach her how to grow
and at the end of everyday, a journey she will walk
her friends side by side supporting her as she's taught
that life may bring her challenges that are truly hard to bare
but in the end she will know her friends are always there
teaching her of old traditions that will give her strength to fly
reminding her of who she is... a talented girl with hidden wings inside

in Honor of my twin faiRies and Grandmother

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