Saturday, May 15, 2010

design #117 'Vintage Daydream' SOLD

"...I am sending you this letter hoping it finds you in good care.
My new journey has taken me to places that I could never imagine.
A place of wonder and hope and desire.
Filled with 'Snowcap Glades', Rose Petals of Plenty

a place where I can sit and write and tell you of my journey
sending my love, Luna"

Layered with details and etched in time
this 8x8 Scrapbook
page captures 'Luna' a moon faiRy
in her secret garden writing about her adventures,
hopes and dreams and sending her love to the ones she adores

Etched Page ebay item number: 250634336796

faiRy Tear Bear ebay item number: 250634349313

read the complete letter at:


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