Friday, January 15, 2010


so here is where my heart lands. The Craft Project card symbolizing the passion and love for what I do. What I live for, what I dream of what I would sacrifice for. Scrapbooking provides me with such comfort, guidance and peace. It helps me rebuild what has been lost what has been broken. It helps me remember my grandmother and how much she loved and cared for me. It helps me remember all the good things that life has brought to me. It has opened doors and helped me become a better woman, mother, friend and lover. It has helped me build my self esteem and help guide me through life when I feel lost. Memories and journaling can become our foundation and strength that we so often seem to forget about. It gives me the wings I need to fly on. The courage to go after my goals. It gives me the ability to feel, to cry, to love, live and grow. It gives me direction and peace in my heart. To touch each page and to feel the meaning behind it. It's not about having the perfect design or page layout. It's about making that page come alive from the heart. To let my guard down... to feel
I scrapbook to show my children the importance of cherishing life and learning from the past so that we become stronger for the future.


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