Thursday, January 14, 2010

life's journey Family scrapbook

I wanted the front of this book to have everything about a womans life. From cooking & cleaning, to friendships, travel, goals and dream. Roots to keep you grounded and guided. Flowers from the garden and post stamps for not knowing where my life's journey was going to take me
The first layout of this scrapbook started with the touch of my grandmother guiding me through
I struggled to make this book yet when I was finished I realized that each page could not be made yet because I had to grow and face some challenges with my own life's journey.
I never in vision putting the "One Life Story" tag on this first layout but it found it's way there interesting enough
to the left of the first layout I created a pocket to store a vintage picture of children and a few family vintage keepsakes. I struggled with the layout of how the family photo should be displayed, nothing was looking right. I ended up with this. For you it could be interpreted differently but I would like to think that it was my Grandma Norton and me or my two Children.
Either way I like how it ended up. I would like to think that my life's journey started with her.
She was the only person who truly showed me what love was. She was so kind and caring. I feel her with me as I venture into my life's next journey.

This page layout with the Laundry Machine and the soap and towel tag depicted all the things we do as mothers. and the many times we wish we could escape from those daily duties, sit down with a cup of tea and write a letter to someone and day dream while the world waits

Another 'to do' list off all the things that take place in a family. Each special occasion requires a special recipe along with all the little things you seem to have to have to complete that special occasion but what it's really about is the feeling you get that is left in your home.

Remember times with your friends and the connections and bonds that develop along my life's path. Day dreaming of those times to explore the world more and to share with girlfriends.
Girlfriends can be family at least in my world they are. It's important to have them in your life. They guide and protect and lift me up when I am down or give you an extra wing to lean on.

Discovering so much about myself I look at this page layout as the queen card as myself. Scrapbook list and additional material as luggage. Because you never know where life will take you. I still have my talent in imagining and creating and wings to fly on and 'believe in my future' no matter what anyone says. The stronger I get the bigger my wings to fly on will become

last layout shows a brad that says "me" along with a vintage letter and a key. The layout symbolizes that my own life's journey is changing now and I don't know where I am going but I do know that where I go I have friends to help me along the way. To help guide me and provide me with such comfort.
The back of the scrapbook is a secret and dear to my heart. So we will leave to the quotes say..."dear to my heart" and 'Treasured Memories'
life's journey doesn't always give you a 'handbook' to life but when you can make your own, look back and say that that journey is complete and it's time to go onto the next life's journey, you know at that moment you have grown and it's time to fly.

well the faiRies did it again. I had planned on listing this Family Scrapbook but I was quickly reminded that someone loves me dearly. That I matter and that I am important. This Family Scrapbook is in honor of Jenny and her family. "May your heart be blessed and comforted always as my heart has been blessed by you." copyrights of '2010


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I love this line!! I hope you continue it with some tins.


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